Happy Ever After?

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‘How wonderful!’ they say
‘What a happy ending’.
They will never understand
This is a beginning.
How can I forget the pain
The heartache and the tears?
Just because I know him now
Doesn’t stop the fear.
What if he decides in time
There’s too much to forgive?
What if he can’t fit me in
The life he wants to live?
How can I just treat him like
My other lovely sons?
Will he find it hard to cope
With ‘another mum’?
Can I tell him how I feel
When he doesn’t call me?
Do I have the right to say
How much that can hurt me?
Is the love I feel for him
Enough to take us through
To go beyond that new beginning
And last our whole lives through?


We always seem to walk on eggshells with the sons and daughters who were lost to us and then found. Do we have the right to have expectations? Others believe now that we've met it's a happy ending: they don't understand that nothing can take away the time that was lost and the feelings within that time.