Further success with DNA testing

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My colleague (Charmaine), a relinquishing mother, noticed I had a surname match that was the same as her paternal grandmother and said ‘wouldn’t it be great if we were cousins?’ DNA testing proved we were indeed related!

Another of our members who has completed a DNA test found a second cousin who is also an adoptee and both are doing further research to determine other details of their common ancestry. A further group member who did not have a valid birth certificate has established relationships with a number of distant cousins through DNA testing which has helped her piece together her ancestry. This knowledge has provided tangible connections with living relatives, and increased her sense of belonging.

Through the results of DNA testing we have moved from being human aliens to finding cousins across Australia, as well as in the USA, UK and Canada, who have welcomed us into their families. While still looking to see where our names may fit in, we do fit through our DNA.

DNA testing offers a new key for adoptees and relinquishing parents to open some of the locked doors of their past. Usually in genealogy you work backwards from yourself. If adopted you might not have any information, so you begin with a brick wall that has to be climbed before any personal information can be found and before any links with your original family can be located. With DNA, matches can come from anywhere: from parents, siblings, grandparents and cousins from 1st to 5th.This enables you to work from these wider matches towards yourself.

When you have no personal information available through other means, these avenues of extended family provide adoptees with an opportunity to learn about some of your ancestors: what they did and the country they come from - while you wait for closer matches to be confirmed.


The purpose of Within These Walls is to encourage, enhance and nurture the process of uniting the parents and children who have been touched by adoption