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For many years I was in a state of confusion and grief over the loss of my son. I had a Dr. disconnect my tubes so I would not fear this happening again. I used alcohol and drugs to ward off the emotional pain until I almost died from hepatitis, and was in a comma. After 2 months in Hospital I entered a Rehab and began a journey of recovery. Two years of sobriety led me to seek out my son. It was 1986 and things had changed, he was told I wanted to meet him and he agreed. So much happened and he has no wish to include me in his life as he believes I relinquished him. He has terrible pain and anger towards me. I feel sad he has made that decision and I respect his choice. Today I am working with a group of women, mothers who call ourselves Independent Regional Mothers of Victoria. There has been so much disharmony between the groups that have formed and enemies galore. Damaged people, affected by forced separations, before adoption ever took place, and trying to get well by taking our experiences to the public arena and exposing the truth. Our deputation wants accountability by the Medical Profession for what they put us and our families through. The generational damage they caused, the splitting of families from each other, and the sexual emotional and physical damage inflicted on our bodies - should never have happened in the Public and private maternity Hospitals in Victoria. The reason? Because of experiments and research, without permission. Them admitting will help us heal.


We IRM advocate for the Medical Profession to apologise to families whose teenagers were brutally treated and exploited by their colleagues

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