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When I woke up from the caesarean delivery I asked for my baby. The sister refused to bring him to me. I became hysterical when I was told I had been given something to dry up my milk. I was screaming to the sister, I didn’t want my milk dried up, I wanted to feed my baby. They said my baby was to be adopted and I could not see him. I was drugged and at night, a nurse took pity on me and wheeled my son in to see me, I could not hold him as I had tubes in me from the birth. I was his legal guardian, no-one had any right to keep him from me. No adoption had been agreed to. I had not signed anything. They had kidnapped him in the operating theatre and held him against my will. On the 4th day after his birth the hospital staff at Royal Women’s Hospital, heavily drugged me and sent me to their annex in Kew. There my world fell apart and I suffered PTSD going into despair and self harming thoughts as I tried to comprehend what had happened. I was in no fit state to reclaim my son, when 2 weeks later returning to the single mothers home, I was informed my son was suffering from slow reflexes and was therefore unadoptable! I since have seen documents that stated I gave myself asthma tablets to cause a miscarriage which was completely out of context and fabricated lies. In retrospect I consider this part of a cover up. I felt unsafe as a mother from the effects of the illegal separation my son and I suffered and I needed a husband to get him back. He spent 12 months in out of home care, with strangers.


He is a forgotten Australian. This damage of my son was greater again because the forced, permanent separations at birth injured us both.

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