FORCED ADOPTION & Pyschological Experimentation of Babies

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Born in NSW in 1955. I met my biological mother in my late 20’s. She gave me evidentiary records attempting to persuade the Government/Church that she did not sign my adoption papers. A victim-coerced by her father-Government-Catholic church-workhouse-into a FORCED ADOPTION. Discovering I was adopted I contacted the Social Work Department of the birth hospital. The Social Worker gave me a piece of medical data (not destroyed in a subsequent fire at the hospital), stating, in a scrawled handwriting "cried when handled". Between 1950-‘60’s NSW, State Government/Church controlled birthing hospital, ALLOWED PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTATION to be conducted on newborn babies. Why? The babies were State/Church “owned”. It started five years after World War II as Psychiatric/Psychological societies wanted “outcome related studies on human conditioning”. No publicity-no transparency-complete secrecy. It was fundamentally abhorrent or evil to treat “bastard”, illegitimate babies in such a manner. The babies were in three groups Core Group 1: handled often, shown love, nurtured; Experimental Group 2: not handled or loved, basic needs met, no stimuli; Sub-set Group 3: Replacement babies of dead, dying, malnourished victims in Group 2. I was either in Group 2 or 3. I was not handled unless fed or changed, with no stimuli. Many babies curled into the foetal position and died during this time. Me, I “cried when handled”. A tiny, wee baby, reliant upon her protectors, the state government/church, conducting the most radical, Nazi-like experimentation on the most vulnerable group of humans known to mankind - it’s precious babies. Yes, the Australian government/churches had hidden these experiments from public view, public transparency and public knowledge becaused FORCED ADOPTIONS were part of the instrument in which they could continue these experiments for so long. Unfortunately, my first experiences as a baby was not to be loved, cared for or treated with respect or dignity. I was just a subject in an experiment that apparently caused a number of deaths of children from lack of love or nurture. The Godly elements of the human experience that see babies and children thrive was thwarted and curtailed all for an “outcome” on the human condition. The State/Church Forced Adoptions including these secret experiments conducted for nearly twenty years took away my ability to thrive and instead gave me "rejection" issues for much of my life. The Social Worker went on to explain to me, towards the end of the 1960's experimentations, not this one unfortunately, but other experiments, were becoming publicly known and the public outcry caused these experiments to cease (we pray). Funnily, there was a fire soon after in this state/church birthing hospital that "destroyed" all the medical records, paperwork and names of the babies in these experiments - EXCEPT FOR STATEMENTS EERILY SKETCHED ON BABIES RECORDS THAT SAID... "CRIED WHEN HANDLED".


Forced Adoption, experiments, the inability to give the God-given right of babies the fundamentals of life, love, nurture and family. The inability of a mother to keep her child due to the State/Church forces that condemn and deny her rights to her baby are all shameful facts immersed into our society.