Forced Adoption, Perth 1967 Part 4

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Western Australia, King Edward Memorial Hospital

My Christmas/New Year email was sent to Michael with explanation about barbaric atrocities I and other Mothers experienced when he was born 1967 through Forced Adoptions and The Department, the evil, for Michael to contact, instead he contacted 'The Department' with my emails therefore I received an email from 'The Department' staffer, I have advised the staff, 'The Department' I want nothing more to do with them under any circumstances, I have been ignored again. Michael has 2 Internet businesses for volunteers assisting the display., donations, crowd funding, go fund me both at a previously known address as of 23/12/2015. Michael lists a number of qualities as his philosophy, including tolerance, respect, wisdom, and patience and understanding. This would be nice if his 14 qualities applied to everyone, Michael seems to be ignoring my links. Michael through 'The Department" is asking for a copy of letter 'The Department' is sending me, for what purpose ? why? I've asked that 'The Dept.' letters cease, I have been asked to write a letter, sign it to 'The Dept,' they may cease.


Another link is given to Michael - Forced Adoption Support Service.