Forced Adoption, Perth 1967 part 2

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Western Australia, King Edward Memorial Hospital

This is a story about my son Michael. He was on the Internet advertised with an Entertainment Agency, various Agencies are connected to this Agency, I eventually found the Agency my son was registered. Michaels photo together with his duo male partner featured on the Home page. The registration valid for approximately 12 months, Both are now removed from the Home advertisement. The Agency found, I contacted via email she stated she wants nothing further to do with Michael or the duo male partner as a Wedding Reception booked for/under their names they did not honour that Reception booking, the party was left stranded/very angry in limbo no Entertainment no prior cancellation came from the Entertaining pair. From the Agency there was a verbal altercation with my son Michael and male duo partner. The male duo partner has split from Michael, lives in Melbourne writes, composes his Electric guitar music.

Michael now advertises on the Internet as a Contemporary Artist. One line of his selling story is false, stating he was born to Dutch Migrants, this is totally false. I have contacted the Dutch Library, explained all to them, stating I am Michael's Mother and I can provide proof. Michael continues to degrade, abuse, ridicule, insult, ignores my pleas, (he asked when we met in March 1995 to have a look at a photo of himself when 6 weeks old with his Adoptive Parents - (I let him look in good faith, trust, he has betrayed my trust) I've asked for him to scan a copy of the photo to me but he ignores my pleas, he has unresolved grief but fails to deal with it. He puts himself on the highest pedistal while continuing to psychologically abuse, ignore me. Duplicating all that trauma, duress, abuse from 1967. This is proving to be an absolute nightmare.


Michael has changed his origins to suit himself as though I don't exist. Quotes are: You can live in harmony with the core of the primordial power" - "Without the system of life there is chaos", he does not practice his quotes.