Forced Adoption, Perth 1967

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    My story begins during the 1960's when it seemed everyone took full advantage of my naivety and vulnerability. I became pregnant by an Englishman boyfriend, after meeting him at an interstate music-hall. I worked full-time as a Stenographer at a Department Store at the time. It was a very traumatic time. I was given no financial support from my boyfriend and he died in Royal Perth Hospital from a vehicle accident 3 days after my son's birth. He had become an alcoholic & womaniser and I was deserted at 4 1/2 months, we never lived together. I lived instead at a boarding house for females only.

    After baby’s birth a Forced Adoption took place by Government Policies & Practices of that time. I was never advised about the Financial Assistance available at that time by the Department of Community Welfare or Public Hospital and no other support was offered from anyone. Unbeknown to me that is when the nightmare for me began, loss & Grief, Trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, ridicule, depression, psychological abuse, this I experienced in the Government System.

    My son was found overseas when he was 19 years old by a well-known tracing organisation. My son and I wrote back & forth for 10 years, I have kept and cherished all these letters. We met in Australia on 25 March 1995. The Adoptive Parents wrote a lovely letter to me stating it is the only decision I could make/do at that time and that I could contact my son as often as I wanted.

    I visited my son’s in-laws and they stated they were concerned about him - his attitude could be better. My son was advertising his musical skills on the internet and I have sent my accolades to him via an email address. I have kept prints of my son's photo. I will always keep in contact with my son - I am his Mum. This is only part of my story.


    While I am pleased with the Canberra History Project feedback, I have experienced much difficulty in trying to obtain copy of my records, being asked to pay for hospital records and from Dept. of Child Protection, Perth. All this was past Government mistakes in first instance so why should I have to pay?