Five people, Six pieces of bread

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We are all at different periods in our existence looking to make a deal with time.

The deal is often negotiated within one’s inner conscience however perplexing it can be. In the case of adoption from my own personal perspective are the underlying issues of a guilty interior, a reclusive exterior continually talking to strangers who then became a paradox of emotions encased in a brilliant cover-up.

Like all grey ships on the water what they wanted from us is to fall underneath and capitulate, feel the same, look the same and act the same knowing that all is not what it should be, this in essence was not possible from my perspective.

The armoury is coated with engrained determination from within and the deal with time then became a deal with a girl riding her bike hastily as she tried in vain to justify the chaos that had been created.

Many times since I have seen the same girl with that bike although the face on most occasions is blackened out probably once again in order to justify one’s position and bring clarity to the table.

The bike represented for me when growing up a tool in order to search for that lost soul, trying to reach out to anyone that might have the courage to listen, what I discovered then and have since discovered and probably will always discover is that only the names change, history does repeat, genuine heartfelt apologies should be accepted and above all else courage is often blindsided by perception vs reality.

Five people, six pieces of bread doesn’t make sense either.

Only Distraction and Mr Prudent could have predicted this madness and unjustifiable decision making, unfortunately they are only figments of my imagination.


We are all at different periods in our existence looking to make a deal with time.