Fictitious Daughter of 2 and a card for my son part 2

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    I have lost, mother, father and Son, now I am a grandmother my Son thank God is back in my life. I have met my Mum, but I am still her secret, my Dad has died and buried in P.N.G. I cannot put flowers on his grave as I do not exist. Incorrect paperwork for my Son and I, incorrect identities for both, you are unable to name your Son, lies, laws broken, 6 years to fight, that is sorted. But not for me. Nobody checks on you, are you OK, where is this child, no body cares.
    But I am alive, lived, lost, survived just at times. Married have my Son and my other children and now grandchildren. No I do not exist, but how did all that happen, my husband calls me wife, my children Mother, my grandchildren Nanna T.
    My adoptive Father I nursed to his death when I was 23. My adoptive mother is in a nursing home, I have realised I have been her Fictitious daughter, she wanted a daughter called Therese, she named me that, but has never called me that, always a nickname. Now she expects me to be her daughter, do not put me in the home, do not leave me here, can I live with you. The nursing home staff are now her daughters, strangers to take care of her.
    Because I am the fictitious daughter of 2


    Adoption is a lie, based on a truth, until the lie becomes the truth and truth becomes the lie

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