Fictitious Daughter of 2 and a card for my son part 1

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    As a grandmother now doing my family tree, how do you write what is too painful to go through on paper for all to see and judge again.
    I lost my mother at the age 29, she was not married.
    I was adopted to save a marriage, but age 4 I was being reared by a man on his own with 2 other adoptive children.
    At the age of 16 the professionals thought you need a mother in your life, so I was sent to live with my adoptive mother, a stranger really to me.
    When I fell pregnant with my Son, age 17, boyfriend left and my adoptive mother sent me back to my adoptive Father. He was moving, new estate, new house, new life. No electricity, no running water at the time I gave birth, no help offered from Social Workers, priest, Doctors, you are the daughter of no one and your Son does not belong to you. You do not have the capacity to be his mother. You lose.


    Adoption is a lie, based on a truth, until the lie becomes the truth and truth becomes the lie.

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