Family of four adopted children

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    I could share a wealth of my experiences as an adopted child; the good, the bad & the downright ugly, however the following unanswered questions and statements are to address the effects of being one of four adopted children.

    My adoptive parents between 1960 - 1964 adopted four seperate children . I was the last adopted, a baby girl. Did anyone ever consider that all of us were first born children? Except for the first adopted 'golden boy', the rest of us ended up in a pecking order, which further impacted our loss of indentity throughout our lives.

    Did anyone access my adoptive parents with each adoption? The Matron at The Haven seemed to be giving away babies to childless couples who fitted her criteria of being "good parents". I cannot except it was any benevolent act!

    Words at the time that come to mind to describe a good adoptive mother are strict, disciplinarian, control freak, narcissist & religious. I'm sure the Matron and my adoptive mother got on like a house on fire. My adoptive mother has bragged that when l became available 12 other couples were applying for me & Matron said "I could have you".

    Did anyone think to check up on the development of four individual adoptive children, 2 boys, 2 girls placed together to live in unusual circumstances? We have all struggled personally, particulary me as l dealt with physical abuse, sexual child & adolescent abuse, and neglect. The emotional abuse continued until 2020.

    Who is accountable for all the unfair & unethically forced adoptions, the shameful, disgraceful & underserving acts, and the subsequent consquences upon innocent young women and babies? A Government public apology is unacceptable! l didn't even receive a letter to inform me this was going to occur, so l missed that event.


    My plan is to pursue this matter & become an advocate for the cause of forced adoption & abuse. Better understanding, adequate, appropiate and on-going support and services are paramount.