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This majestic gum and I still survive, having our 2 branches severed off our family tree.

Symbolically you overlook the bend in the mighty Murray River as it curves through Victoria where I was randomly created and flows into South Australia, where I was born.

How different a life would Gum and I had if our genetic seeds sown into the sandy riverbank soil were transplanted elsewhere?

Beautiful fresh water from the mountain spring in the east eventually diluting the salty tears tiding in from the Southern Ocean.

Oh Gum, I feel your pain, I have found my 2 branches, but alas yours have been cut off forever. Yet you remain strong, bold, tolerant and resilient.


Did "Victorian" society of 1961 honesty think chopping both branches off my ancestry identity would suppress my interest and desire to know who my people were and whence I came from?

Left minus historical limbs, this 'trunk' wondered and searched for 30 years.

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