The Edwards Family Story

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Two days after he left I received a letter from our daughter KIM. We agreed it would be cruel to have just separated when we met her for the first time so we stayed together for twelve months. We were both so very damaged by the experience of the sterility of the whole experience and what should have been the most perfect time in our lives. I am immensely proud of our family. Our children were educated in Catholic primary and secondary schools, two have degrees another two have completed advanced tertiary studies, all hold very responsible positions, all bar one are married and have families, education is a high priority with their children, one grandson is an employee of the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force). However it would be naïve to suggest they have been unaffected by our tragic set of circumstances.

In 1999 the Bracks government came to power with a policy of an inquiry into past adoption practices however after discrediting the Minister of Community services Christine Campbell who insisted truth should prevail they dumped an inquiry, instead the Victorian State government argued there had been an inquiry in 1976, this is not true. How could there be an inquiry into crimes in adoption? Natural Mothers and their child had not received any information until 1999. Instead there was a review of adoption not an inquiry.
However these practices were not isolated to Victoria they have been well documented Australia wide. In 1999 the PARLIAMENT OF NEW SOUTH WALES LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL STANDING COMMITTEE ON SOCIAL ISSUES INQUIRY INTO ADOPTION PRACTICES 1950-1998 was held. Releasing The Past was the Final Report. Lasting three years it was the second longest inquiry recorded in NSW history and where Justice Richard Chisholm testified that to withhold a baby from its mother breached the Commonwealth Crimes Act. (See page 140)


Two days after he left I received a letter from our daughter KIM.