The Edwards Family Story

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We have verily been informed that our child is not illegitimate nor do we consider KIM ELIZABETH EDWARDS to be adopted because of the Commonwealth Marriage Act Sec 89 (1). The Child who had been abducted from us and handed to a policeman named James and his wife Joan had applied and been transferred to Port Fairy until after the adoption order was signed for Unnamed Toohey illegitimate infant of Elizabeth Toohey. Infant Toohey did not exist, because Baby Edwards was the legal daughter of Elizabeth and William Edwards from June 1964 the date of our marriage of 11 months. I believe this adoption was not according to the required practices at the time, that the legal rights of myself and the father were ignored, that because of the duress applied, the consent to adoption was not legal, that William’s consent was required, and our subsequent marriage legitimating our baby, that the adoption is not valid and that therefore no consideration was given to the rights of the child.

I would like to register a strong objection to the issuing of a new indistinguishable birth certificate to our daughter, which states categorically that her adoptive parents are her biological parents.


We have verily been informed that our child is not illegitimate