The Edwards Family Story

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    We the Edwards family reject the adoption of our daughter/Sister and accuse both the Victorian and the Commonwealth Governments on the grounds that both the Commonwealth Government and the State of Victoria were/are complicit with the abduction of our infant, obstructing our civil rights to raise our own infant in a way we saw fit, hampering our emotional well being, breaching the Commonwealth Crimes Act, breaching of the National Health Act, breaching of the Commonwealth Marriage Act and also aiding and abetting a policeman and his wife in what I have been informed and understand was an infringement of duty that led to his obtaining the seized diary belonging to the matron of Vaucluse Hospital, Moreland, Victoria and using the diary to procure children for adoption. Failure to ensure that both William and I understood that in 1963-1965 under the 1958 Adoption Act we were both the legal guardians of our baby daughter until an adoption order was signed.

    I am not focusing on her adoption alone but the way in which the separation of our first baby occurred i.e., forced separation, abduction, and duress applied thus negating the right of choice of an uninformed mother for the best interest of our child. I was not at any time, either before or after the birth, informed of my/our legal rights or the existence of any options or choices with regard to the future of our baby.


    We the Edwards family reject the adoption of our daughter/Sister