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    I telephoned Newtown Welfare office at 10 to 10 AM, asking for help to pay the THREE POUNDS ten shillings electricity bill. I told the officer I had 3 baby girls, I had been to the Smith Family the day before, they gave me food, my husband left me the day before. A man and a young black haired girl arrived from Welfare at 3.50PM, I invited them both in, my home was clean the babies were bathed and food in the cupboard; I breast fed Lorelle who was 9 mths old... The man said 'NO WE CANT HELP THE OFFICE IS CLOSED,WE CAN GIVE THE CHILDREN SHELTER UNTIL MONDAY’ I said,' No I can’t let them go with strangers, I have never left them', The man said, 'I am child welfare and I can take them by force', which him and the girl did…I was coerced and lied to after, for many years I have begged. No positive replies. 'The girls don’t know you' 'they don’t want to come back to you', I have had every con there is by 30 officers trying to coerce me into signing adoption papers. Donna my 3yr old was killed while crossing the road in Merrylands, NSW officer told me. I WAS NOTIFIED 4 DAYS LATER..THIS IS AN UNBELIEVABLE STORY, BUT ITS TRUE AND I CAN PROVE IT IF I CAN GET MY FILES FOR THE FIRST 2 YEARS 1963-65 which again I have been lied to again. I KNOW MY CASE WAS THE FIRST OF ITS KIND, THE GUINEA PIGS, AND IT SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED...Therese Parish 2014


    I had a nervous breakdown when Donna died and I never saw my girls until they were women and mothers themselves, that hurts ..