Does an apology really help?

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Does an apology really help? For some people, I hope so. For me, it just raises to the surface the emotions which have been kept hidden, submerged, weighted down.

It was a lovely speech Julia, until it made mention that nothing like this will happen ever again..... that was the spoiler. Something like it IS happening every day. People are starving in a wealthy country, people are on wait lists for urgent medical treatments, disabled people are not getting adequate assistance, elderly people are being abused, children are being abused at a pace the like of which we've never experienced before, our young men are sent to war with little help and support for them when they return home wounded. The list is unending.

It wasn't the time spent in the unmarried mothers home, with raped girls, girls as young as 13, and older than 40.It was pretty bad in the Women's Hospital capital city basement labor ward, with the radio forever playing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" in my head. It got worse with the intern being allocated to handle the stitching up duty, because "she's only an unmarried girl", it became a bit numbing in the verandah ward attached to the main ward where mothers could breastfeed their children, but I could not even see my daughter. I could admire all of the others though as I walked through to the bathroom.

It became a bit more complex when I knew I was being fed sleeping pills because I had gone up to the 5th floor and sought permission to see my child.It isn't any easier over 40 years later when, having found my daughter. She cannot understand why she was placed into the care of a mother and father who were old enough to be her grandparents, who already were caring for another adopted "special needs" child.

How did, how does, a government become so ineffective in what is called a democracy? Why were we lied to? How many children were there, how many mums have never held their children?


How many eyes have never seen their children's eyes, and how many babies eyes have never seen their mother. For many, an apology might help. For me it just raises more questions and pain, and highlights so many other people areas where government abuse is alive and well, and growing.