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We prayed so hard, 3 hours and more
On our knees till they were sore
Latin Mass and Benediction I adored
Didn’t understand it but could say it all

Oh God how hard I prayed
to get a mum and dad
To get out of this dwelling
As I needed a spell
To me if felt like hell
I really needed this spell

T’was fostered – in and out
Life’s up and down
Ten, twenty times and more
Returned to sender they all declared
Was sent back each time
And each time ignored

Unsettled, unwell was how I felt
Weak within and weak without help
For years of four, can’t remember more
I’d shrivelled to bone, once again ignored
Little did I care anymore
Life had no meaning for me
All that I loved was lost and destroyed
Cause of all the evils and deception here

The people I’d trusted and cared for
The love for them was always there
If they’d only reached out
And touched me and caressed me
I would have bowed down to them
My life was in their hands
For now and evermore
that’s how much I trusted them
Even though I was so poor

Then came the RACQ Picnic Day!!
What a great day of Joy
Thousands of cars came in their glory
Beep beep, music and all!
Such an excitement for boys and girls
our futures depend on this
for some it did, for some it didn’t
It was the best day yet

Lucky numbers, yes indeed!
Picked at random for us to sample
Then nr 03 – t’was me (a holiday to be)
With a couple, my future’s dream
Which later became reality

Back I went six weeks or more
Then came the day to be expelled and free
As sister threw me to the ground
All she said – now when you go out that door
Keep your eyes down, head down
Go straight forward
Don’t look back or look around
Those words still linger with me today
And I feel so sad in every way

Me with my suitcase, falling down
Tears in my eyes as I turned around
Her head in the air, as though she couldn’t care
‘Good riddance’, she thought! Far out!
Goodbye Sister, I cried – farewell


Written by a former resident of St. Vincent’s Home Nudgee
15th September 1999

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