Deceived, Abandoned and Shamed, Part 2

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New South Wales, Queen Victoria Hospital, Annandale, New South Wales

What has made my family's experience even more distressing. is the extremely disrespectful wording of the correspondence still being received from the authorities.
Even years after the Apology was made.
Lessons still have NOT beeen learnt.
All these decades later unmarried mothers are still being spoken about with TOTAL DISRESPECT!!!!!
When my father was finally given some more of his missing information last year about his adoption, he was told that the name of the man whom his mother had named as his father, may not, in fact be his father.
The disgraceful implication being that his mother had slept around and had no idea of who the father was.This implication is completely false and highly offensive.
My father was also told that he was "unnamed" on his original birth certificate (his real birth certificate) as his mother "thought it best for the adoptive parents to name him"
The truth was that his mother never set eyes on him in order to give him a name !!!!!
There was also absolutely NO information that detailed exactly where he was and what was done to him by whom from the moment he was ripped away from his mother at birth until his adoption when he was 15 days old.
We ,as a family , find this of great concern and completely unacceptable.
The man , whom my grandmother named as her baby's father, IS the father.
Absolutely NO DOUBT at all!!!
Photographs confirmed that my father is a carbon copy of his father.
His father died 20 years ago.
He is NOT a man that my father,or any of our family, would have ever wanted to know.
We have only contempt for the man who abandoned his pregnant girlfriend and his unborn child.
Our research has revealed that my grandmother was quite a remarkable woman of whom we are extremely proud.
She spent the final years of her life living alone and with a terminal illness, yet still volunteered to help the less fortunate.
Although we never knew her,we cherish her memory and the few photos of her that we were fortunate enough to obtain are among our family's most precious possessions.
Future generations will know of what a compassionate,intelligent and courageous woman she was.


The selfish man who turned his back on my grandmother and my father when they were at their most vulnerable and alone will never, ever be regarded as part of our family.
Future generations will know his name and what he did.