Deceived, Abandoned and Shamed.

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New South Wales, Queen Victoria Hospital,61 Albion Street, Annandale

My father was born at the Queen Victoria Hospital ,Albion Street,Annandale in the late 1950's.
Until the Apology for Past Forced Adoptions was made by Prime Minister Gillard my father had been led to believe that he was an unwanted baby.
His adoption has caused him deep emotional distress throughout his life.
Our family began a search for the truth surrounding his adoption in early 2013.
Adoption records revealed that there was no doubt that his 22 year old mother had been deceived into signing the Adoption papers.
The search for my grandmother ended with a death certificate.
She had never married or had another child.
She had been estranged from her family for almost 40 years following her pregnancy.
No one in her extended family ever knew of the baby she had.
She left her home, her family, her friends and her job and had to begin a new life in a new city where she knew no one and had no support.
She had recorded the name of her baby's father and his details on the Adoption records.
It took almost 3 years and many letters to current politicians for the authorities to finally release the full name of the father who had abandoned his child nearly 60 years ago.
It has caused our family tremendous distress to discover that the father of her baby was 28 years old , single and had been in a relationship with her for 12 months when she became pregnant with his child.
He immediately abandoned her and his baby.
Not only was a vulnerable young woman abandoned by a man she had loved and trusted, she was also subjected to the most cruel and inhumane treatment by medical staff and Child Welfare staff during her pregnancy and confinement.
We have since discovered that her baby's father married shortly after he abandoned her and his baby.
We will always resent the fact that the authorities were determined to hide the truth which prevented us from contacting my grandmother while she was alive.
She had a right to know the love of her son and her grandchildren.
Our family will never forget the cruel manner in which a vulnerable young woman and her tiny baby were treated not only by her baby's father but also by the authorities.


Adoption has a long lasting effect on families.
We have enormous guilt for not knowing the circumstances of my grandmother.
She died in poverty due to the long lasting consequences of the trauma of her experiences during her pregnancy and confinement all those decades ago.
She will never know our love