A brother found us

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    Perhaps in every family there is such an experience as described in the exhibition 'Without Consent'. In our family a boy taken away in 1958 found us, his siblings, 40 years later. Our father died a year after his birth and our mother never knew because it was outside the marriage. To respect my Mum who is still alive, we have agreed to keep our contact discrete, but my found brother is totally loved and accepted by his birth siblings. The sorrow is we knew his Mum but she died before he uncovered his story and origins. I tell him everything I can remember about her.


    My older sister rang me out of the blue to say someone had contacted her, that our Dad had another son, younger than me. What a bombshell. I am the youngest of 6 and my died 18 months later. She had met him. Do you reckon it's true? I asked. He's one of 'us' she said, and he's the dead spit of Dad. Wow.