Berry Street annual report

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Independent Regional Mothers  


Next two documents relate to Berry Street Babies’ Home and Hospital, East Melbourne. What I find disturbing about the Berry Street Annual Report 1969 under Obstetrician’s Report is a clear indication in my opinion that from these comments – it was the hospital’s plan to get young unmarried pregnant girls into these homes (although majority did not enter unmarried mothers’ homes in Victoria) with the words. As the report states:

‘The problem of placing these during the latter part of their pregnancy is a constant worry to the Social Services Department of that institution. When the Medical Superintendent Dr. John C Laver addressed the Honorary Medical Staff and the Board of Management of Berry Street Hospital early this year, I am confident he convinced the authorities that the best way to fill the nursery and to satisfy the many requests for adoption, was to accept and give haven to her ante natal period.’

My only comment if you read the above quote in context with Laver’s intra memorandum February 1960 – this information above is demonstrates the intent to fill the nursery and to satisfy the many requests for adoption.


I think that this is a reprehensible comment but strong evidence added to other strong evidence, of the unethical and illegal actions of the medical profession.