Baby lost and Mother lied to

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New South Wales, St George Hosp Kogarah

When I was a 17 yr old girl (in 1975) I had a baby boy, the Father did not want to support me. When I was pregnant I left a great job before anyone would notice the pregnancy. I was ostrasised by friends and sent away to my Grandmothers so people would not know. I was told I would not be a good Mother and would deprive my child, if I kept him, of the chance to have a normal good life with two good parents. I was never told I could receive any financial assistance to keep my baby. I was treated badly at the hospital and not allowed to see the baby . They had to allow me see him as I insisted I would take him home, the day before I left hospital. I did have him home for 10 days but became too weak as I was hemoraging and wouldn't see a doctor due to how I had been treated. I was pushed to adopt him out due to no help. I later have re connected with him to find he has been pooly treated by the adoptive father and even today has emotional scars from his experience. My relationship with him is strained even now. I have had difficulty with relationships as a result of my experiences and learnt how to turn off my emotions as we were told to go home without the baby and get on with life.


As a young 17 year old, pregnant with my first child, I was manipulated by the authorities and treated as sub human with no rights and given no information about any possible assistance that existed in 1975. I was pressured into adopting my child out due to lack of informationn and lies from authorities.