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The Association Representing Mothers Separated from their Children by Adoption (ARMS) South Australia (formerly the Australian Relinquishing Mothers Society, SA)closed its doors in 2009 after 26 years of operation, 20 of which were government funded to provide counselling, support and reunion services to people affected by adoption. ARMS (SA)’s focus was to support mothers who lost children to adoption by providing support, counselling, education, advocacy and political activism. In 1988 South Australia became the first State in Australia, and the first place in the world with similar adoption laws to give mothers the right to apply for identifying information about their children. Other States followed on with similar legislation making Australia the first country to recognize the rights of mothers in adoption.

ARMS members Meg Hale and Evelyn Robinson both worked at different times as the ARMS counsellor and they continue as educators, advocates and political activists on adoption in Australia and overseas. Evelyn Robinson has written 4 books on adoption and campaigns for mothers’ rights nationally and internationally (see website ) Meg Hale has just completed writing the story of ARMS and forced adoption in South Australia (Mothers In ARMS, Publisher Wakefield Press) and is an advocate for past and new mothers (see website ) Some ARMS mothers have also joined the Post Adoption Support Service, an agency which provides counselling, support and education to all people affected by adoption. PASS mothers remain committed to supporting one another and keeping an eye on laws, policies and practices that affect mothers in adoption (see Relationships Australia website )


Guardianship is the only option where children cannot live with their parents because it is based on truth and birth details, including parents’ names and genetic history, are not falsified.