And the effects of this awful practice continue......

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Yesterday I eagerly attended the official opening of the Without Consent Exhibition in Melbourne. I had hoped this would validate my feelings and experience. I had hoped it would be cathartic. A release. Perhaps that process will take time, because right now I'm just not feeling it. I listened to prominent key speakers talk of the practices of this era as being illegal. Ever since discovering my adoption fell into this shameful category I had the feeling of being legally stolen, only to find out it actually was not entirely bound by law! Where does this leave me now? Are my parents legally my parents?.........It also brought to surface a nagging feeling that has just been lying beneath my level of consciousness for some time. I live with cerebral palsy, a condition acquired almost always through lack of oxygen to the brain during prenatal development or birth. I had assumed this was the case, and was OK with it as an unfortunate occurrence. Having discovered my prenatal development and birth was quite healthy and 'normal' leaves me with the suspicion that I acquired the condition at some stage during my time hidden in the hospital from my mother who returned for me. A suspicion is probably all this will remain as on official documents I was deemed 'fit for adoption'. I honestly believe there is no record of what happened to me, either because medical staff needed to sign off on a healthy white child eligble for adoption or because I was not monitored like the other babies going home with their biological families and the lack of oxygen was not picked up. I truly believe I did not receive the care I was entitled to in that hospital.


The effects of forced adoption reach further than emotional trauma. It can affect people physically too.

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