At age 40, I was told my by now ex husband, that I am adopted.

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At age 40, I was told my by now ex-husband, that I am adopted. He had known this secret for the 12 years of our marriage. All my family knew and had also kept the secret from me for my entire life until that point.

I embarked on an almost 3 year national and international search for my first mother. We were miraculously reunited following the screening of the ABC documentary "The Leaving of Liverpool" as my mother was a Child Migrant. We had 7 years of contact and relationship building until she died.

Despite having my father's name, I have been unable to locate him. Resulting from my experience, I have become an avid and passionate advocate for adoptees - especially those who learn late in life. The experience is life altering and confronting and turns one's life upside down and shreds self esteem.I am a national and international conference speaker on this topic.


I wrote my memoir Surviving Secrets as a contribution to my own healing. I also hope that it may assist others still searching and coming to terms with their changed life circumstances.