Adopting the Facts

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Fallen far short of the answer t’was once thought to be
There were so many factors you’ve simply failed to see
Was it your ignorance, blindness or just plain hate?
Your ill-thought decisions sealed the innocent’s fate

Remove your Rose Glasses non-adopted people & you’ll see
Removing Baby’s Mother did not set them free
In truth we don’t all start life from the same place
Yet everyone should have the right to know their Mother’s face

Adoptive Parents everywhere have been put to the test
Though kind & hopeful hearted, they are ill-equipped at best
Those in-built genetic cues that come so naturally
Are missing from your put together ‘Instant Family’

Baby bonds with Mama while safe within her womb,
spends nine months in her tummy, just born & then so soon,
Baby is given to a stranger who can never be Baby’s Mummy
Because Baby’s never spent any time within her tummy

Yet you’ve decided it won’t matter coz baby will still grow
Baby will never miss what Baby ‘doesn’t know’
You made her Mama go away - She doesn’t realise that
Baby waits & waits & waits, but Mama’s never coming back

Innocent newborn babies were handed out like lollies
A Smoker’s clear lung X-ray could secure living dollies
‘Adoptees are lucky!’ say the ignorant society bubble
But breaking up families only feeds emotional struggle

What we’ve judged to be your Mother’s sin
Made us decide you must have new kin
You’ll never know your Mummy’s name
Just you be grateful for this adoption game

With your family comes a new family tree
We’re substituting your genealogy
All these secrets may perpetuate lies
Because your total truth is now in disguise

It’s the only truth you’ll ever know
Coz puzzle pieces we’ll not show
As the cat must be kept within the bag
Sealed files will provide the perfect gag

Now I’m no longer that little babe, now it’s time I have my say.
You had no right to do what you did to me on my BIRTH DAY
You’ve stripped me of all information; You've taken everything I had away
You changed the names on my birth certificate & removed me on that day

You just sent me off with strangers- Doesn’t that sound strange?
Without knowing if they truly cared, & no follow-up arranged
You can try to break all the bonds; Those things that tie me to my Mum
But there’s still one thing that’s linking me at the going down of every sun

One unseen thing that remains unbroken & can never be undone
It forever links me to my family, & it links me to my Mum
What makes me who I am, my identity, my blueprint, if you will
It’s in every cell of my body & it’s something you can’t kill

There was so many wrongs- life changing things, that broke my heart that day
But you have failed to change the facts or break our bond, try as you may
Muddled up my life you did; I still feel the heartache to this day
But still you couldn’t break the link …
Because it’s in my DNA !!


Adoption demands gratefulness. Inner peace-impossible! Health problems: autoimmune, inflammation, allergies, asthma. It affects childhood, parenting & grieving. Two families-yet part of none. Life begins with everyone wanting you, yet nobody knows me, wants to know me or sees me as family. It's lonely.