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Anthony Thomas Clewett  

New South Wales

Born at Crown Street Womans Hospital. Taken from my biological mother who had already given me a name only to have my birthname changed 2 months after my I came into this world. The couple who adopted me had issues which was putting thier marraige at risk and the adoption was arrange, not to give a child a family. I was not the first child they adopted but I was the youngest as my step-sister, who was much older than I, was adopted from an orphanage as a much older child and is 20 years my senior.

The female step-parent had severe alcoholism issues and was one of four siblings, three of which had already had children of thier own. She wanted her own biological children and she blamed my step-father who was not at fualt, she had issues with alcohol and had rendered herself sterile. I spent the first 20 years of my life suffering everything from sexual, verbal and physical abuse as I was not her "baby" - she'd even coerce her drinking buddies into verbaly abusing me when I was a toddler - apparently for them it was a form of entertainment.

I didn't find out that I was adopted until I was 15 years of age, even being told I was adopted was seen as something funny to be laughed at by the drunkard.
I was even denied medical assistance multiple times throughtout my childhood when I suffered injuries. Today I live as a cripple with a hospital chair and a walking stick whilst those around me continue to sweep the truth under the carpet and deny me rightous justice and compensation. A practice of out-of-mind out-of-sight.


My step-father was more than just a dad, he was a friend. We both shared a similar experience and this created a bond which has lasted my entire life - at least I had the spirit of the father in my life and for that I'm grateful.