Adopted people

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Internalised trauma and shame

The practices of the Forced Adoptions impacted negatively on my and my family's life.
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Product of Affair

I was the product of an affair, Forced to be adopted by my birth mother, but i had the best upbringing anyone could ask for and through tracking my birth parents I have found so may family members, all up 14 siblings, WOW! I am 49 and the curiosity of who they are has come back.
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The cloak in the mirror

I didn't choose this. It was forced on me through an unjust, misguided social system corrupted by false expectations and beliefs.
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FORCED ADOPTION & Pyschological Experimentation of Babies

Forced Adoption, experiments, the inability to give the God-given right of babies the fundamentals of life, love, nurture and family.
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