Adopted people

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Internalised trauma and shame

The practices of the Forced Adoptions impacted negatively on my and my family's life.
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Product of Affair

I was the product of an affair, Forced to be adopted by my birth mother, but i had the best upbringing anyone could ask for and through tracking my birth parents I have found so may family members, all up 14 siblings, WOW! I am 49 and the curiosity of who they are has come back.
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The cloak in the mirror

I didn't choose this. It was forced on me through an unjust, misguided social system corrupted by false expectations and beliefs.
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FORCED ADOPTION & Pyschological Experimentation of Babies

Forced Adoption, experiments, the inability to give the God-given right of babies the fundamentals of life, love, nurture and family.
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The pain of relinquishment and adoption.

My mother was forced to relinquish me simply because she was unmarried. She lost her child. I lost everything - my mother, my identity, my extended family, even my name. I don't really belong anywhere.
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I wish I knew

I was born in Crown Street Women's Hospital in 1966 to a 41 year-old Russian woman who wanted desperately to keep me. Our separation at birth caused lifelong trauma for both of us. My heart aches every day ffrom the brutal theft of my identity, family and history.
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