survivng adoption my story

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david james nicholls  

Northern Territory

my biological mother gave me up for adoption in the summer of 1963..i was lost for many years of my freinds asked me when was a child what i wanted i said i just wanted to find my biological mum.when i was in my teens i thought i was to blame for everything this went on until i was 30 years old.i was a bit of a candle in the wind never knowing who to cling too..i met my biological mother in 1992 in darwin she came up from melbourne for 2 weeks she stayed with me and met both of my adoptive parents they sseem to get along realy good...then in 1996 my biological came back to darwin for a month we had a realy good time and got to know each othher realy well..both of my adoptive parents have now passed on my adoptive mother died in 2001 her aorta burst and she passed away in my adoptive fathers arms at thhe doctors surgery i miss her deeply she was my rock.. my adoptive father died in 2008 of prostrate christianity my music and wisdom has got me threw my journey of adoption i always felt a square peg in a round hole i love difference everyone is different i remeber when i was a child my adopive mother gave me a book on children of the world i traditional dress i look at it and couldnt find where i fitted...i have schizophrenia and alpha thalaseamia minor this has affected me throughout my life..i am an artist and a writer and my adoption has been a blessing and a curse...i have a great fear of abandonement and as im getting older im finding a lot of my freinds are dying and mooving away from adoption has made me stronger and i have learnt too stand up for myself...sometimes i wish i was never born but other times i enjoy my acheivements and the road i have taken....i feel compassion for other adoptees that things have not turned out so well...i still havent found my biological father ????my ancestry is irish scottish meditteranean spanish portugeuse italian and sicilian and i grew up in an english adoptive family this caused a culture clash i was always misunderstood but there was alot of good times both me and my adoptive parents both had explosive emotional natures...we clicked and i loved my adoptive parents veryy much and we had a dysfunctional loving relationship i influenced my adoptive parents and thhey likewise influenced me they say if things dont kill you they make you stronger this is true for me.....GOD and JESUS HAVE BEEN A POWERFUL FORCE IN MY day i hope find my father i have vertigo and im lopsided on my mothhers side i have rich ancestry.


being born being adopted learning about life blessngs and curses ups and down hot and cold i have lived learned loved hated and been inbetween i have a richh perception of life and have seen humanity at many different turns adoption has changed me..

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