Losing My Daughter (part 2)

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Losing My Daughter
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Over the next two months I made friends with other girls who were living in the hostel. It was a hostel run by the Salvation Army for country girls who were working in the city. Two of the girls I had shared a room with at the hostel found an apartment to share and moved into it. I visited them at the weekend.

They had quite a few parties, and it was at one of these parties I was to meet the father of my daughter. He began to call at the hostel to see me, and I would go out with him in his car. He was seventeen at this time, and I was fifteen years and nine months of age. He was the first person with whom I had sex and I conceived my daughter within two weeks of having entered into this type of relationship with him.

I continued to work and go about my activities as normal after I had missed my period. I did not want to acknowledge that I was pregnant. I honestly thought it might all just go away. I turned sixteen in the May of nineteen sixty-six. I thought that my daughter’s father would give me an engagement ring for my birthday, but this was not to be. I was a very naïve young girl. Weeks passed and my pregnancy began to show. I was fired from my job not long after my birthday. The women there knew more than I did, truth be told as I was still in denial about my pregnancy. I really didn’t associate what was happening in my body to a child.

I was quick to get a job at a variety store nearby in the city, and more weeks passed. I was plagued by nausea and I was asked to leave this job when it became apparent to my employers. I was becoming quite fearful within two weeks of leaving this job as I was running out of money and needed to pay my rent. My father’s threats about the home were at the forefront of my mind. He and his girlfriend paid me a visit at the hostel. My father’s girlfriend had noticed that I was not at work and they came to see why. As it turned out, my father knew a woman at the Cadbury Chocolate factory and he said he would call her. He came by the next day to tell me to take the six a.m. train to the factory and I would have a job.

The train station was quite a walk on a cold morning, but I made it and caught the train to Claremont, which was some miles away. I began work at the factory. The smell of the chocolate made me sick a lot of the time, but things were otherwise okay. People thought I was a plump girl I think. My breasts were growing quite rapidly but I could hide the baby bump under my uniform.


My daughter's forced adoption continued.