Losing My Daughter (part 17)

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Losing My Daughter
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The Commonwealth Government should ensure that (1) the laws for adoption are fair, and cannot be misinterpreted, (2) that all those who handle adoption are trained and that all adoptions are regulated according to stringent policy that looks to the legal and emotional rights and potential outcomes of all concerned in the process of adoption, (3) that the notion of a closed adoption be banned. I believe it is the right of all children to know who their biological parents are for many reasons. And while I am empathetic to couples who are infertile, I believe that that any child is its own person, and not a property. Whether it is a natural child or adopted, it has inalienable rights of individuality that cannot and should not be hidden. We are not the property of our parents. For the mother of a child who gives her child for adoption, I would like to see the shrouds of past secrecy are not there for her, or her child. She should be satisfied that people adopt her child she feels comfortable with and that for the sake of the child; that people who are able to act in the interests of the child regulate every aspect of the adoption process.

I am reminded of what the writers of our constitution would have wanted for the people of Australia at the time of Federation. I am sure that deception and theft in respect of children were not things they would consider healthy for a growing nation.

I would like the Commonwealth government and states to publically and openly acknowledge the crimes I have spoken of in respect of forced adoption, and to acknowledge that there is another stolen generation in the form of the babies who were taken from the thousands of mothers in the way they were. I would like the Commonwealth government and states to say it they are sorry for this. Further more I would like the Commonwealth government to undertake that it will do whatever it takes to assist the women and their children who were affected by forced adoption.


(b) the potential role of the Commonwealth in developing a national framework to assist states and territories to address the consequences for the mothers, their families and children who were subjected to forced adoption policies.


Losing My Daughter, continued.