The impact of adoption separation in my life

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    I have had a close relationship with Stephen since we were reunited in 1991. I am happily married and I am also close to my other four children and enjoy my time with them and my grandchildren. However, I am conscious every day of my experience of being separated from my son by adoption and I am reminded constantly of my status as a mother whose child was raised by others. I cannot overstate the impact which the adoption of my son has had on my life. It has affected me as a wife, as a parent, as a professional and as a friend. I have worked hard to acknowledge my adoption separation experience and find a place for it in my life. I appreciate the counselling I received at ARMS and the opportunities I have had to interact with other mothers whose children have been adopted. My experience has driven me to assist others and to contribute to community awareness and education. I am contacted often by those who have met me, heard me speak or have read my published works and I have been giving of my time and energy freely to assist and support them for many years. I have also formulated views about adoption separation and the issues it creates. As well as publishing my views, I have always been willing to discuss and explain them. I continue to contribute in many ways to healing, which, as a social worker and counsellor, has always been my focus. This work has been extremely satisfying for me and I know that I have been able to use my personal experience, coupled with my professional expertise, to assist many people, in Australia and around the world, who have suffered and continue to suffer because of adoption separation.


    There have been enormous changes in attitudes since 1970 and there is now much more acceptance of single parent families.