Human guinea pigs. Predisposition of deviants in criminality

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Fears over an increase in sex crimes against children and the prevalence of sex deviants in public spaces led to widespread concern over sex deviance. Sexual psychopath legislation passed in 1948 was premised on the belief that sex deviants acted on uncontrollable impulses that could betreated during an indefinite period of incarceration agreed upon by judges and psychiatrists. Whereas the eugenic movement had insisted upon a biological predisposition toward sex deviance, the postwar influence of sexology, psychotherapy, personality development, and child development theories highlighted the importance of nurture not nature. In other words, sex criminals were made, not born. Parents who did not provide their children with sound sex education, mothers who dominated their children, and fathers who were absent from their children’s lives were placed under scrutiny. Anxious to do their part, the Parents’Action League (PAL), an activist group, joined forces with legislators, politicians, and medical professionals to establish a treatment clinic for sex deviants connected to the Toronto Psychiatric Hospital. Nevertheless, it was not until the mid-1970s that the federal government began a national treatment program for sex offenders. Earlier solutions like sterilization and castration gave way during the postwar period to individual and group psychotherapy. However, mixed results renewed support for sterilization and castration as well as for electroshock, insulin shock, lobotomy, and aversion therapy.

From 1971 in Melbourne the 'child born out of wedlock' was seen as having a predisposition in sexual criminality. It's better know as 'Eugenic adoption'. Mothers (unwed) without partners were classed as sexual deviants, and according to the Eugenics Society of Victoria (1961) they sired deviant offspring and 'all must be done in our power to prevent procreation'.


Deviant unwed mothers' sired deviant offspring and 'all must be done to prevent procreation'. Against their will, institutionalize the child, inject the child with insulin shock therapy, and inject the LHRH agonists to prevent procreation.

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