born lost found cruisin my ride of adoption

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i was born in sydney in 1963 to a irish scottish spanish italian biological mother came down from melbourne to sydney to st anthonys home in croydon nsw my adoptive parents were from darwin both catholics they did around australia trip and picked me up on the way around australia and brought me to darwin soon after we moved to adelaide river were my parents bought and built a service station i am a meditteranean mostly and have blood condition to prove it called alpha thalaseamia minor i also have schizophrenia bioth from birth growing up in an english adoptive family was diffrerent but i coped it was hard to find my identity at times threw my childhood my adoptive parents told me i was adopted when i was 8 years old i thank them for this to be contd


my experience of adoption has been good and bad i think im better for it..i think its a hard road but if your survivng thats ok..the fear of abandonment is always there its a constant..its made who i am its moulded and shaped me..thank GOD ive made it so far

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